“The home of creativity, excellence, high quality technical and tactical youth football coaching…”

Our philosophy is to be part of developing young people and players for the Club’s First Team, the professional game, and many other industries both IN and AWAY from sport.

We believe in helping, supporting, and encouraging young, gifted, and talented football players and athletes.

We create and give opportunities for these young people to build on the fundamentals and experience professional football as well as a variety of other sports.


Fulham Athletic Sports Club uses the power of sport to improve the lives of young people within our community.

We offer sustainable programmes that support active lifestyles, promote positive impact, and help them reach their full potential.

Our vision is to provide a unique training programme, specifically developed for young people that brings together the key aspects of football into a complete system of technical, tactical, psychological, and physical development within an exciting and educational atmosphere.

It is our goal to provide a level of individualisation that helps each player progress as a person and within the context of the team, continually challenging them through their development to improve and learn every time.


Founded on the core values of Honesty, Respect, Discipline, Integrity, Fun, and Innovation; Fulham Athletic Sports Club has been created to make a difference.

We pursue sporting excellence in everything we do. We provide and uphold the highest level of coaching and facilities to allow young people to reach the highest level of achievement. We want every child to be motivated to accomplish their goals, whether it’s kicking a ball for the first time, or signing for a Premier League football club. From their first goals to their life goals, we’re here to support them.

Through a relentless passion for football teaching, the Academy coaching team encourages and inspires all children to be successful players and people.

It is the Academy’s desire to develop intelligent, confident young people in a professional and exciting atmosphere, giving them the skills to rise to challenges and go on and seek greater aspirations in their lives.


Educational separations and inequalities in the UK have lead to a divided landscape for young people. We aim to bring children and adults from different socio-economic backgrounds together, through sport.


We provide the opportunity for every child to experience a professional environment, with the highest calibre coaches and facilities in London. However, we are reliant on the generosity of businesses, individuals, and grant-giving organisations to fund financially assisted places. No child should grow up without the sense of belonging and excitement that sport can offer.


Without fun, learning is compromised and a young person’s passion and joy for the game can diminish. It is important to us that each player’s motivation and thrill for football is always encouraged and built upon in every way possible. We are always striving to be better and ensure that our players in every age group are having fun and enjoying their time with us.

Meet the Team


Armel Njonga

Founder, Manager, Coach, Captain & Player

About Armel
A former professional player, now Founder and Manager of Fulham Athletic Football Club. His passion for football is total and limitless.


Maritsa Samonas

Club Secretary and Associate


Enzo Helou

Coach, Player


Sam Lawson

Coach, Player


Joan MacNaughton

Club Associate

About Joan

Joan MacNaughton works on energy and climate change and sits on several company, academic and not for profit boards.


Bill Jeffrey

Club Chairman

About Bill

Bill Jeffrey is a semi-retired senior civil servant, who is Chair of a small London-based charity, and a lifelong football enthusiast.


Nial Keane

Club Associate


Dina Belemlih Farah

Club Therapist And Associate